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Site revamp in flux….

Just waiting on the domain to be transferred to the new host.

I really hope you found the White Lion link in there.




This isn’t exactly “the decision” or any kind of revolutionary defection from the status quo, it’s just a man making his life easier whilst servicing his customers efficiently. Outsourcing, if you will.
What am I talking about?? I’m moving my online store to NAKATOMI, which means when you order a print of mine you will receive it in 2-5 days as you should instead of waiting for my dumb ass to have time to tube it up and drag it to the post office which can often take a month to arrive as many of you reading this likely know from experience. That and I often times send the wrong poster(s), all that shit is over now. My posters are in capable hands.

This is the first wave, I will be slowly transitioning the back catalog of posters to Nakatomi and eventually close out my big cartel store and Nakatomi will be the main location to find Jon Smith posters online. So bookmark that shit yo.

Bottomline it’s a win/win, you get what you want when you buy a poster quick and easy and I get more time to spend designing…or catching up on old SEGA games, whatevs!

All posters will still be signed and numbered by me moving forward as per usual unless it’s an art print that gets printed in-house at Nakatomi down the road in which case will just be numbered and not signed. Overall I’d say 80-90% of the time my prints will still be signed by me.

CLOSE UP/DETAIL IMAGE: Built To Spill, Showbox. November, 2010. Seattle, WA.

Aaaaaaand to help kick off the new store I’ve finally got my Built To Spill poster from November available. There are 2 versions of the poster, regular edition of 100 and an edition of 50 with a subtle nod to the memory of a once proud, now deceased sports franchise….championship ghosts….

Also, while moving posters around, organizing and such I found a few more copies of the Black Keys Columbus poster I could spare so a few of those are in the store as well but there are only a few and that’s it forever!!!

Goodnight internet, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of each other throughout the school year…I uh, peeked at your schedule and went to the office and got myself transferred into  a couple of the classes you’re taking this quarter…


Internet! Thank GOD your here!!

2011 is already awesome, things are gonna change I can feel it. Everything ground to a halt toward the end of 2010 due to having too much shit happening at the same time but it was still a good run, I liked it. A damn site better than 2009 that’s for sure.

Long story short, having a day job and working on overlapping deadlines at night during football season is suicide. I fucked myself on a couple projects, I would go into vivid detail but I’d be here all day.

But anyway that mess was in December and things are snapping back into shape, yknow like in Christine when the car rebuilds itself.

I’m going to Los Angeles on Friday(maybe that’s today depending on when I post this) to attend the opening of “Is This thing On?” a group show at Gallery 1988. Jensen was gracious enough(or drunk enough, zing!) to ask me to design the official poster for the show:

I’ve done a couple prints for 1988 in the past and have one more coming up, I’ve never been down there so I’m really looking forward to it. The other show I speak of is “MULTIPLAYER” the video game themed group show opening January 15th at the new Gallery 1988 location in Venice.

Speaking of which, while I’m in L.A I’m going to get over to Venice and check out some of Jim Morrison’s old haunts. Ha! That’s a joke…..but it’s…true. I’m going to do just that if I can.

Shit! I gotta go, my dad’s giving me a ride to the airport(I let him do it, he loves it…) which means getting there 3 HOURS EARLY.

Oh and speaking of comedy posters, here’s that Doug Stanhope poster I did. Illustration/design by me, concept by Rob Jones:

Alright I gotta hop in the shower. Love you, talk soon! XOXOXO

Oh, where have you been my blue eyed son?

Well Bob, have a seat and I’ll tell you all about it.

I’ve been meaning to hop back on the blog since I got back from Renegade Austin in May and here it is the week after Renegade San Francisco. Doing two out of town shows in one summer has been a bigger pain than I anticipated and I don’t mind saying I came up short on both occasions. I think I covered my expenses(travel etc.) in Austin but I got my head handed to me in San Francisco. Came in guns a blazin’ and got creamed, you remember the end of Butch and Sundance right? Like that.

I’m over it but I bitched up a storm about it of course you know all about that if you follow me on twitter or facebook. As per usual all my caterwauling is all in good fun, I use my twitter account as free therapy, dumb joke depository, shit talking sounding board amongst friends and lastly a venue to dispense news on new prints/design and such. It’s synced straight to my facebook, I rarely check in on facebook itself.

If I wasn’t counting on making my rent money in San Fran it wouldn’t have been as big a deal to me, I don’t want anyone who came out to Renegade San Francisco or anyone involved with Renegade to feel slighted by anything I said….well, except the DJ. The DJ was spinning a mix tailor made for Kindergarten nap time, I mean you go to a Grocery Store and they at least play something with a consistent tempo. Keeps people engaged on what they came to do, introspective Neil Young or sad bastard Leonard Cohen slow jams are counterproductive to say the least. That DJ was not helping the atmosphere….though I like Wings as much as the next guy.

Jesus, speaking of bringing the mood down…to the bright side we go! I hung out with Tyler and Michelle Madsen of Love Nail Tree in San Fran, after meeting them initially in Austin. We’re going to try and collab on some shirts in the future, excited about that but god knows when that will see the light of day, fall probably. Anyway we saw Dinner for Schmucks the night before I flew back, fun times.

Also in San Fran were the usual poster suspects but I’m not going to list all the Two Rabbits, Kevin Tongs and Nate Duval‘s of the world, they’re all overrated anyway. ZING! LOLZORZ but working my booth myself I didn’t get out and mingle at all really, I think Regan Smith Clarke the shirt designer from Boston is the only non-poster new person I met. His buddy helping him at his booth looks like a young Seth Romatelli from the Uhh Yeah Dude podcast…anyway Regan Smith Clarke, solid guy. Traded him a print for a nice Tank Top. Oh shit, I also met the dudes from Fuzzy Ink, they make shirts too. Nice guys, met them while drunk(..ish) with Mike from Two Rabbits in lower Haight.

Leading up to San Francisco I needed to finish a design for Spoon and get it approved, the time crunch due to finishing new wood prints(more info down the road) and boxing up 100 lbs of my wares and display paraphernalia forced me to spend most of my Friday once I landed in my hotel room slaving over a hot laptop finishing up the design. The design ended up being rad and it was approved:

The print however did not go quite as I had hoped, more on that later. Flukey weird shit, hardly ever happens but…like I said I’ll address that later.

Moving right along, printing this week will be a 3 color poster for The Black Keys(strangely playing the same venue as Spoon in the above poster)  this Friday in Columbus, Ohio.

To recap my trip to Austin in May, it was a great time. Austin always is. I stayed with Tim Doyle (of Nakatomi inc. fame), his wife Angie and darling son Rocko! I’m bad with baby ages but he’s a little guy, got a lot of bam bam in him. Also met Nick Derrington(awesome illustrator) and his wife, if I had 5 minutes to concentrate on it I’m sure I could remember her name but she made this amazing Peach Cobbler. One of the greatest foodstuffs I have ever partaken in. Anyway Tim lives right down the street from where they shoot a portion of my favorite guilty pleasure, Friday Night Lights. Driving through the neighborhood I always felt like I was in the opening montage.

Also hung out with Clint Wilson, yeah he’s a Wilson from Austin I’m sure he’s related to Luke and Owen Wilson…and the other brother, future man whatever is name is. Didn’t hit too many places other than fine eateries which meant I had to stop by Geof Peveto‘s joint: FRANK. It’s Peveto’s world, we’re just living in it…hats off to you sir.
This is getting long already, I’ll just keep blogging throughout this and next week. There’s new stuff up in the store plus the aforementioned Black Keys poster will be available soon and there’s a whole wave of new art prints I can’t even get into right now which will be going up in my etsy store as soon as I can get to it. But designwise right now Ghostland Observatory is on the front burner, need to get some shirt designs and a tour poster done pronto! Before Flatstock at Bumbershoot of course. I’ll be back in a couple days, thanks for stopping by.


Well internet, we(myself and Todd Slater) tried to do a March Madness hoops chat but it was the night Washington got upended by West Virginia in the sweet sixteen. It was late and I was out of it mentally and the conversation ran all over the road. So a full(or even edited) copy and paste of the conversation would be a tough read.

But if you’re curious, the bullet points of that discussion were thus:

Jon’s hates college basketball foul limits and officiating as it was a deciding factor in Washington’s loss to West Virginia, Todd’s parents are West Virginia Alums, a storm knocked out the power and Todd lost a very expensive Mac monitor even though he had it on a surge protector, Jon recommends A Serious Man with the caveat you are a Coen bros. nerd,  Jon likens the fan experience in the NCAA Tournament to a night of heavy drinking, Todd feels uncomfortable drinking alcohol, a fan once offered Todd a trade of Marijuana for a Wu-Tang poster at Flatstock….Todd declined the offer, talk about Squaresville.

To wrap it up, I gathered myself and shot Todd a  handful of pointed questions on the shit we were supposed to talk about from the get-go, here they are:

Jon: Give us a rundown on what blew your mind or got you mad in the portion of your bracket that busted. Villanova and Georgetown come to mind..

Todd: I’d watched Georgetown several times throughout this year and always felt like they’d step it up in the tourney.  They’re a real inconsistent team but I somehow convinced myself that the talent would gel at the end of the season.  In other Georgetown news Roy Hibbert, who was passed over by many in the NBA draft is slowly starting to develop into a dominant post player, and in a center starved league that can’t be overlooked.  I’m still pretty high on Greg Monroe’s NBA future as well…I think he’ll be a solid starter in the NBA for a long time.

On to picking Villanova in the Final Four… in short, I felt like the quickness of their guards would win out over Duke but it never got to that point.  For the record, I am one of those people that thought Duke was the weakest one 1 seeds and picking Nova to come out of that region had to do a lot with that.

Jon: Heh, I think everyone was calling Duke the weakest 1 seed. Look who’s laughing now. I forgot you like Duke, most hoop junkies end up sour on Duke just because they’re so squeeky clean. Why do you like Duke?

Todd: I do love and respect Duke.  Coach K teaches his players to play basketball the right way, to make the right pass, to take the right shot, to gamble at the right times on steals and blocks.  I’m a basketball fan first and enjoy watching the sport I love played in this way.  Watching the one man wrecking ball teams like Evan Turner at Ohio State and Mike Beasley at K State 2 years ago is fun too, I like watching those guys, but there’s something so pure about Duke to me… they are just perfection year after year.  Duke seems to favor a skill set over athleticism which is so rare these days.

Jon: Yeah, I always think of Peyton Manning’s Colts as the Duke of the NFL. Slightly smaller more athletic, smart players that most teams covet as much.

But anyway, how do you see the Final four shaking out? BTW big ups to your folks(you mentioned they were WVU alums) they are pumped, yes?

Todd: Well, I see Duke and Michigan State advancing, with Duke winning it all in a pretty weak championship game(NBA talent-wise).  My parents are WVU alums but they are on borrowed time and shouldn’t have beaten Kentucky.  It was a perfect storm of bad shooting form Kentucky and uncharacteristically good shooting from the Mountaineers.  I like what Huggins did in taking Cousins post-up game away but now they’re about to face the best jump-shooting team in the country and I don’t see them stopping Singler and Scheyer… if Duke loses it will say more about Duke’s performance than WVU’s.

Jon: Moving right along to Daniel Stern’s rickety, rambling, shadow of it’s former self, shark jumping farce of a basketball league. You still taking the Cavs all the way? How are your Mav’s holding up?

Todd: Yes, I am sticking with the Cavs. The Lakers have looked especially lazy this past month and my hate for everything purple and gold grows. I LOVE the fact that they could play San Antonio in round 1 too… I’m not saying the Spurs will win, but they’ll beat em up some.

Dallas is doing OK.  The second spot is there if they want it but it’s hard to picture them beating LA.

Jon: It’s painful but, can you give me a thumbnail on how the “Zombie Sonics” are doing? I saw Durant is leading the league in scoring….give me all the gory details, I can take it….I think.

Todd: Well Hell man, they’re basically the feel good story of the year.  I’m pretty sure nobody wants to face those young legs in the playoffs, and they are about 1 player away from really making it happen.  Aside from Durant, Russell Westbrook continues to develop into an elite, future all-star point guard.  I think they’ll be in the playoffs for a long time and you can basically use Sam Presti’s draft strategy as a blueprint on how to make a balanced NBA team. Of course a lot of that depends on the Blazers passing on Durant… can’t really imagine where they’d be if they had Oden instead.  So yeah, a little luck is needed as well.

I wonder how the Blazers would be with Roy at the 2, Durant at the 3 and Aldridge at the 4… sure has the look of a championship team to me.

Jon: I recently remarked that Brock Lesnar looks like the love child of Greg Ostertag and Jim McIlvane. You concur?

Todd: Haha, maybe a little Bryant “Big Country” Reeves in there too with the country boy flat-top.

Jon: Ha! I went to the open practice at the Kingdome of the Final Four when it was in Seattle back in ’95. Big Country shattered a backboard. That used to happen a lot in the 90’s, I remember Shaq going out of his way to break or jerk loose a backboard. A handful of guys did it back then and as far as I can tell it hasn’t happened in years.

Lastly, how are my Dawgs doing in the pro’s? I heard Nate Robinson is a Celtic, is that true? Spencer Hawes still developing? Brockman is still hurt, yes? Brandon Roy is still the shit?……and Bobby Jones is nowhere to be found right?

Todd: Roy is real deal for sure.  Looks like an 8-10 time all-star to me… a quiet superstar though.  Nate really hardly plays for the Celts and I’m still scratching my head on why he wanted to go there.  Spencer Hawes is done for the season today and had kinda been in Westphal’s doghouse the whole year, but for the record I still think he can be a valuable player.  Still too early to tell on Brockman.  Dan Dickau will always have a place in my heart sir.

What a note to end on, Dan Dickau played for GONZAGA. Worse yet, he was originally a Washington commit. He transferred to Gonzaga after playing 11 games for the Huskies. He sat out a year because of the transfer rules, the rest is history.

Anyway, I checked and Bobby Jones is apparently clinging to NBA caviar wishes and champagne dreams in the D League. Stick with it, Bobby!

In other news, RAY ALLEN is a saint. Love you Ray Ray.

For those of you who hate sports, I probably wont be posting anything “sporty” until the NFL draft. Next post will be an interview with Micah Smith, more art prints after that, still a lot of catching up to do…

Dark Side of the Rainbow(Finally in the store)

Been sitting on these for a while, haven’t had a minute to upload ’em. Behold the 5 color, GLOW IN THE DARK brilliance that is my print for the Alamo Drafthouse screening of The Dark Side of the Rainbow on December 26th, 2009.

They measure 24″x36″ of course and there were two editions, one on white Domtar and a very small amount on silver paper(below).

And the white main edition:

They’re in the store now, could go fast as there are not many to begin with. Still a lot of work to do on the blog, hoping to get the Micah Smith interview up in a day or two. Stay tuned!

SJSA: February, 2010.

:NOTE: I wrote this Saturday night but passed out or got distracted by something shiny and neglected to post it.

Happy Saturday Night internet! This is the State of the Jon Smith Address. Why? Because I wanted a term that sounds dumber than “updatery”.

I got out of the house tonight! Went to a show, it’s been a month at least since I’ve enjoyed live music. Ran into some folks I hadn’t talked to in a while, I would have liked to stick around and enjoy myself like the lord intended but I have designering to do. It’s 12:30 and I’m back home slaving over a hot laptop.

A quick anecdote before I get into the usual updatery since it’s top of mind. I was waiting to cross Market St. in Ballard to get to my car tonight, when these two girls approached me:

“Excuse me, are you 21?”

“I’m 27. What’s up?” I already had a laugh in my voice because I knew exactly where this was going.

“We’re 18, do you think it would be possible for you to buy us some Alcohol?” She said casually, as if she were peddling Girl Scout Cookies.

I smirked, collected my thoughts. “I’m going to be honest. If you were two eighteen year old dudes, I’d think about it but there’s no way I’m buying Alcohol for two eighteen year old girls.”

:NOTE: I have never purchased alcohol for minors. But I’m just saying it’s not a total impossibility that I would help out some pathetic dudes in a Superbad type of situation.

“Oh, well I’m not a lightweight. I’ve drank a lot before…” said the girl who was doing the talking, who couldn’t have been more than 105 lbs.

I laughed at the situation, she started on some drinking story that I’m sure would have illustrated what a heavyweight drinker she is. These girls were tiny by the way, really not sure they were 18. The girl speaking for the group had braces with the jaw connecting rubber bands going on, kind of a laughable yet scary scene right? I cut the girl off, explained I understand their situation but there’s no way I’m helping them out on this, mentioned I have two younger sisters etc.

So at this point, the conversation needs to end. Because if I stood there any longer I was just going to start lecturing them and give them every big brother piece of dimestore logic I should have imparted to my little sisters over the years.

So my parting statement was thus, “…Good luck, and BE CAREFUL….I’m serious.” That’s about all you can do right? Of course I’ve been over analyzing what I said and what I could or should have said or done but this whole interaction lasted all of 25 seconds as we crossed the street. I mean it would have been a little much to call them a cab or demand to talk to their parents right?

It reminded me of when Rocky tries to talk some sense into Little Marie.

In related news, I have used the phrase “the kids these days” in conversation quite a bit lately, I’m getting old. I was born with an old soul, the brain is catching up.

OKay moving right along to designy news: I will be loud and proud displaying and selling hand crafted, screen printed goodness at afforable prices in Austin, Texas this May. It will be my maiden voyage on the good ship Renegade Craft Fair, it will be their first time in Austin….we will be gentle and tender with one another, because the first time should be a precious moment.

Right now I’m wrapping up an album design, my piece for the 1988 Greatest Moments in Sports History poster show and a poster for The Cave Singers and The Dutchess and the Duke at The Showbox in March. Nate Duval and I are trying in our herky jerky manner to get some new 1982 stuff together but as always it depends on both of our schedules lining up.

New Interviews on this blog are long overdue, I’m very close to finishing up an informative back and forth with Micah Smith and a couple more interviews are on deck I’ve just been overloaded with work lately(things are picking up at the shop).

What else? I’m watching a lot of Starsky and Hutch on Hulu, it’s a great show! And I’m serious, not in an ironic way it’s a legitimately great show. Magnum P.I. as well, there’s only one season on Hulu though. Watching Magnum is a blast back to my earliest fuzzy childhood TV viewing memories and of course a mental adventure vacation to Hawai’i. Barney Miller has been in the mix too but it’s kind of disappointing. It’s mind boggling while watching to realize that Abe Vigoda is still alive considering he was already a million years old when Barney Miller had it’s run in the 70’s. Since we’re on the topic; I don’t care if it sounds square but a band calling itself Abe Vigoda is in poor taste in my opinion. Lazy to say the least.

I will be updating the store this week. The Dark Side of the Rainbow posters will be for sale very soon and while I’m on the topic of poster sales if you are waiting to hear back from me on anything shipping related I will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

I think that’s it, of course there’s probably something more interesting or exciting that I’m forgetting…I’m really stoked about Austin in May! This summer is going to be awesome, you heard it here first.

BTW I was right about The Saints, we’ll see if my Jeff Bridges prophecy holds up at the Academy Awards.


The Head and the Heart, Lykke Li posters in the store now!!

Print releases and interviews coming soon!!!

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