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Pitchers and catchers have reported, Spring Training is in full swing, a fresh baseball season is right around the corner, hope spring eternal and all that. Being in a baseball mood again and realizing I’m going to be in Texas for Flatstock and SXSW it seemed as good a time as any to pull the trigger on a limited wood edition of the long sold out Don’t Mess With The Bull(Young Man) print.

Printing on wood is not easy, we just make it look that way:

Here’s the skinny(less jokes, more facts cuz I have to get to work). The wood was pre-coated by my small hands with acrylic white paint mixed with PINE TAR. It really just adds more of a wood smell to it. In the video I squirt pine tar on one of the pieces pretty good but in actuality only a handful of pieces in the run got hit with pine tar after printing like that and it was subtle squirt not as deliberate as that. So y’know, when you get one it’s not going to be all sticky and shit with pine tar all over it. Don’t worry!

The edition size is 34 pieces(good number right Ranger fans?!). There is a slightly more limited edition of 10, the “SXSW Edition” which will be available with my posters at the Nakatomi booth at Flatstock 29. I get in to Austin tomorrow night and will sign and number them Thursday in time for the second day of Flatstock, hope to see you there!!!

Other specs: 18″x24″ on 1/4″ Birch Veneer(good wood). They turned out awesome…’s the link if you missed the first 2 times, AVAILABLE NOW CLICK HERE.



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