SJSA: February, 2010.

:NOTE: I wrote this Saturday night but passed out or got distracted by something shiny and neglected to post it.

Happy Saturday Night internet! This is the State of the Jon Smith Address. Why? Because I wanted a term that sounds dumber than “updatery”.

I got out of the house tonight! Went to a show, it’s been a month at least since I’ve enjoyed live music. Ran into some folks I hadn’t talked to in a while, I would have liked to stick around and enjoy myself like the lord intended but I have designering to do. It’s 12:30 and I’m back home slaving over a hot laptop.

A quick anecdote before I get into the usual updatery since it’s top of mind. I was waiting to cross Market St. in Ballard to get to my car tonight, when these two girls approached me:

“Excuse me, are you 21?”

“I’m 27. What’s up?” I already had a laugh in my voice because I knew exactly where this was going.

“We’re 18, do you think it would be possible for you to buy us some Alcohol?” She said casually, as if she were peddling Girl Scout Cookies.

I smirked, collected my thoughts. “I’m going to be honest. If you were two eighteen year old dudes, I’d think about it but there’s no way I’m buying Alcohol for two eighteen year old girls.”

:NOTE: I have never purchased alcohol for minors. But I’m just saying it’s not a total impossibility that I would help out some pathetic dudes in a Superbad type of situation.

“Oh, well I’m not a lightweight. I’ve drank a lot before…” said the girl who was doing the talking, who couldn’t have been more than 105 lbs.

I laughed at the situation, she started on some drinking story that I’m sure would have illustrated what a heavyweight drinker she is. These girls were tiny by the way, really not sure they were 18. The girl speaking for the group had braces with the jaw connecting rubber bands going on, kind of a laughable yet scary scene right? I cut the girl off, explained I understand their situation but there’s no way I’m helping them out on this, mentioned I have two younger sisters etc.

So at this point, the conversation needs to end. Because if I stood there any longer I was just going to start lecturing them and give them every big brother piece of dimestore logic I should have imparted to my little sisters over the years.

So my parting statement was thus, “…Good luck, and BE CAREFUL….I’m serious.” That’s about all you can do right? Of course I’ve been over analyzing what I said and what I could or should have said or done but this whole interaction lasted all of 25 seconds as we crossed the street. I mean it would have been a little much to call them a cab or demand to talk to their parents right?

It reminded me of when Rocky tries to talk some sense into Little Marie.

In related news, I have used the phrase “the kids these days” in conversation quite a bit lately, I’m getting old. I was born with an old soul, the brain is catching up.

OKay moving right along to designy news: I will be loud and proud displaying and selling hand crafted, screen printed goodness at afforable prices in Austin, Texas this May. It will be my maiden voyage on the good ship Renegade Craft Fair, it will be their first time in Austin….we will be gentle and tender with one another, because the first time should be a precious moment.

Right now I’m wrapping up an album design, my piece for the 1988 Greatest Moments in Sports History poster show and a poster for The Cave Singers and The Dutchess and the Duke at The Showbox in March. Nate Duval and I are trying in our herky jerky manner to get some new 1982 stuff together but as always it depends on both of our schedules lining up.

New Interviews on this blog are long overdue, I’m very close to finishing up an informative back and forth with Micah Smith and a couple more interviews are on deck I’ve just been overloaded with work lately(things are picking up at the shop).

What else? I’m watching a lot of Starsky and Hutch on Hulu, it’s a great show! And I’m serious, not in an ironic way it’s a legitimately great show. Magnum P.I. as well, there’s only one season on Hulu though. Watching Magnum is a blast back to my earliest fuzzy childhood TV viewing memories and of course a mental adventure vacation to Hawai’i. Barney Miller has been in the mix too but it’s kind of disappointing. It’s mind boggling while watching to realize that Abe Vigoda is still alive considering he was already a million years old when Barney Miller had it’s run in the 70’s. Since we’re on the topic; I don’t care if it sounds square but a band calling itself Abe Vigoda is in poor taste in my opinion. Lazy to say the least.

I will be updating the store this week. The Dark Side of the Rainbow posters will be for sale very soon and while I’m on the topic of poster sales if you are waiting to hear back from me on anything shipping related I will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

I think that’s it, of course there’s probably something more interesting or exciting that I’m forgetting…I’m really stoked about Austin in May! This summer is going to be awesome, you heard it here first.

BTW I was right about The Saints, we’ll see if my Jeff Bridges prophecy holds up at the Academy Awards.


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