Tuesday 9/22/09 GRAB BAG UPDATERY!!!

What’s Happening internet?

Well here’s what’s happening with me:

I’m hoping to get this Gaslight Anthem poster printed today for the Showbox show tomorrow:


I wont make it to the show myself as I’m working what some might call a “swing” shift at the shop this week(2PM to 10PM), I just call it “retarded”.

The fine folks at Perfect Laughter gave me a mention last week, much appreciated, very nice blog. DETROIT!

I have three Fantasy teams, they all took it in the ass week 1. Aaron Rodgers is off to a slow start, with Joe flacco rotting on my bench… BUT I bounced back this week in the all important Gigposters Fantasy League. A 1-1 start is more than fine in fantasy, it takes a couple weeks to see what players are for real and who’s not, who gets hurt etc.

I’ve got an Andrew Bird poster design to finish this week for a show coming up quick.

Need to crack the whip on Brad Klausen for the next brilliant “Jon Smith Interview”.

I think that’s it, I gotta go!

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