Seattle Moscow Poster show NEWS.


The time has come my friends! The Seattle Moscow Poster show is happening this week!  The third and final intalment of the poster series highlighting the thriving poster scene in Seattle and politically contrasting cities the world over, this might be the best one yet. Features works by my lovely self of course and other neat Seattle designers including Jeff Kleinsmith, Andrio Abero etc.

Official word from the Curator, Daniel R. Smith:

Attend the Curator’s Preview on Sept 3 in Fremont at Adobe HQ. I’ll show slides from Moscow, Tehran & Havana, talk about the process & sort out what it all means. Purchase advance tickets at:

The Seattle-Moscow Poster Show opens Sept. 4, noon – 7pm, the Shaw Room, Seattle Center. The final exhibit in this series of city-to-city poster shows (after Havana & Tehran) Moscow is the largest exhibit yet. This is the FREE Bumbershoot arts preview day—no bands, no crowds!

The Seattle-Moscow catalog is the biggest & best yet. Dual-language, full-color, only 500 copies. Available at the exhibit & preview for $10.

The poster series has been nominated for a $10,000 “grant for change” from Nau in Portland. The top 5 vote-getters will be interviewed for the grant. I am current at 9th place out of nearly 300 projects. To vote, register w/ Nau & then click on the “rate/share” tab:

I just voted myself, you should too!

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