Updatery and Rejected Kenny Rogers

Hello internet,

Here’s what’s in the works: Nate and I getting the 1982 store up and running very soon, should be this week.  My Screens N Spokes print is done along with another art print that will be released in the near future. I’m helping my roomate do his first screen printed gig poster ever for a Girl Talk show….I have some art space booked for a show in October. I’m registered for Flatstock at ye old Bumbershoot.

Aside from figuring out how many prints I can get done before said Flatstock, I am working behind the scenes on some fresh new content for this site. I need to beef up the Flickr account and add a fresh header graphic but I’m working on something way cooler than that, that should pan out in some consistent content for all you poster freaks out there. Stay tuned!

Until the next update(which should be toward the end of this week) enjoy my rejected concept for a Kenny Rogers poster from about a year ago. It was for a show at a Casino down south, the design was rejected immediately. This is 100% real, I had it all setup for a metallic silver to gold blend with a layer of glow in the dark on black paper but y’know…true genius is not always embraced in it’s time.


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